3C03: Concurrency


Running LTSA

On UCL-CS Solaris systems:
/opt/ucl/bin/java -jar ~ucacmha/3c03/ltsa2.2/lib/ltsa.jar

On MacOS X
unpack ltsa2.2.zip into ~/ltsa2.2
java -jar ~/ltsa2.2/lib/ltsa.jar

On Windows XP:
unpack ltsa2.2.zip
Read the readme.txt in the distribution.
Edit ltsa.bat to point at your javaw.exe installation and the path to where you unpacked ltsa2.2.


The course text book is Concurrency: State Models & Java Programs by Jeff Magee & Jeff Kramer. The java demonstration programs are also available here.

Course Notes

Autumn 2003
Week 1
Lecture 1: Introduction
Lecture 2: Modelling Processes
Lecture 3: Modelling Concurrency in FSP
Week 2
Tutorial 1: FSP and LTS (including answers)
Lecture 4: Concurrency in Java
Week 3
Tutorial 2: FSP 2
Lab 2: Concurrency in Java
Lecture 5: Mutual Exclusion
Lecture 6: Semaphores and Monitors
Week 4
Lab 3: Mutual Exclusion
Lecture 7: Condition Synchronization
Lecture 8: Starvation and Deadlocks
Week 5
Coursework 1 (Also in ASCII text).
Lecture 9: Safety
Lecture 10: Liveness and Progress
Week 6 (Reading Week)
Week 7 Taught by Anthony Steed (Slides, etc)
Week 8 Taught by Anthony Steed (Slides, etc)
Week 9
Lecture 15: Message Passing
Lecture 16: Concurrent Architectures: Filter Pipelines
Lecture 17: Concurrent Architectures: Supervisor-Worker
Week 10 Taught by Anthony Steed (Slides, etc)
Week 11
Lecture 21: Concurrent Architectures: Announcer/Listener
Coursework 1: Answers
Coursework 2: Answers