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Netsys is an inter-departmental centre that focuses on research issues concerned with the provision of scaleable, controllable, secure, robust and flexible networked systems.

Activities and Facilties

Netsys primarily provides links between researchers in the Networks Research Group in UCL-CS and the Networks and Services Research Group in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering who share a similar vision for networked systems research.
  • HEN Networks Testbed. The Heterogeneous Experimental Network (HEN) testbed allows networking researchers to conduct medium-scale networking experiments within a controlled laboratory environment.

  • PlanetLab. UCL is a member of the Planetlab Consortium, allowing networking researchers to global experiments using Planetlab nodes located around the world.
  • Access Grid is an integrated audio and visual environment supporting distributed meetings, remote visualisation, and distance education. Access Grid operates over high-speed networks using multicast and is intended to enable group-to-group collaboration. The use of large display screens in the studio creates a 'semi-immersive' experience designed to simulate face-to-face meetings.


From January 2004 to July 2006, Netsys was funded by the EPSRC as a Center of Excellence for Networked Systems. Netsys has linked together researchers from the Departments of CS, EE, High Energy Physics, Chemistry, the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) and UCL's Information Systems Division. Netsys CoE funding also helped establish UCL's Access Grid studio, located at 66 Gower Street.