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The EU and India have established an extensive Information Society dialogue. On the research side, six priority sectors were highlighted at the occasion of the last EU-India Information Society Forum: EUROINDIA 2006. e-infrastructures with Internet security, next generation mobile wireless, migration from IPv4 to IPv6, and high capacity research and education network (e.g. possible connection of the European network GEANT to its Indian counterpart ERNET) with GRID activities are the main topics of such dialogue, related with ICT co-operation between Europe and India ERNET, the educational and Research Network in India has deployed nationwide high speed networks to cover all universities and public research institutes. According to the new government policy, the broadband and Grid technologies are of high priority along with IPv6 technology. The indian GRID project GARUDA has been launched and is being upgraded to connect with European EGEE network in the framework of Euro-India co-operation. With 6CHOICE Proposal, the close co-operation between ERNET and European GEANT as well as between GARUDA Indian Grid project and EGEE GRID network is planned. 6CHOICE project supports such co-operation through joint network interconnection, service planning and the experiments with the middleware jointly developed in the project team will be facilitated across ERNET and GEANT linked universities and research institutes. his will be complemented with a number of workshops to be held and conducting workshops to different level of target audience and complemented with training events with experts involved.

6CHOICE will complement the implementation of the e-infrastructure Framework across Europe and India for future Community research and technological development policy activities including monitoring and assessment activities. In particular, the project will involve conferences, seminars, studies and analysis, working groups and expert groups, operational support and dissemination, information and communication activities, or a combination of these, as appropriate in each case. The activities proposed encourage and facilitate the participation of small research teams, newly developed and remote research centres in the activities of the e-infrastructures development with associated network computing, middleware and software components.

Funding Source:



  • Telscom (Switzerland)
  • ERNET (India)
  • RENATER (France)
  • IISC Bangalore (India)
  • HP-India (India)
  • SIFY (India)
  • UCL (UK)
  • TID (Spain)


P.T. Kirstein


March 2004 - August 2010


Total 754,467€
EC 550,000€
UCL 64,735€


see 6CHOICE for further details.