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AVATS proposes support for enhanced stability and longevity of VIC and RAT, the media tools that underpin Access Grid (AG) and Portal Access Grid (PAG). AVATS will provide baseline support for VIC and RAT, enabling them to remain compatible with new developments in the tools operating environments; support and maintain web-based development systems established under the SUMOVER project; coordinate worthwhile developmental contributions by others in the form of integration and testing work; conduct stability enhancements to increase the tools robustness; enhance documentation for the tools; establish closer ties with the Access Grid Support Centre (AGSC) to ensure that user needs are adequately represented and that this activity is aligned with other related developments; and explore avenues for longer-term sustainability of these activities.

Because VIC and RAT underpin not only the globally deployed AG Toolkit but also OMII-UK's PAG software, many of the benefits of this project to the user community are intimately intertwined with the benefits offered by PAG. PAG is making the AG more usable and accessible to a wider range of desktop users through significant simplification of the installation process and an increase in usability of the AG in a number of potentially dramatic ways Therefore, the usage of the AG through PAG, particularly by desktop users, is likely to increase greatly, and PAG's success is dependent upon a sufficient level of support for VIC and RAT, which this proposal offers to provide.

Funding Source:



  • UCL
  • University of Manchester


P.T. Kirstein


January 2008 - December 2009


Total £81,226


see AVATS for further details.