Systems and Networks Research Group

Systems and Networking Reading Group

The Systems and Networks Reading Group gives PhD students and faculty an important chance to discuss interesting recently published papers (and the occasional "classic" paper) in detail. Why discuss papers?

The group meets weekly on Wednesday afternoons (hour varying from week to week, depending on room availability; we have the room for 90 minutes, so that a particularly fruitful discussion needn't be cut short.) The schedule of papers and presenters can be found on the seminars page.

Guidelines for Discussion

In the interest of productive discussion, a few guidelines for participants in the reading group:

Fall 2009 / Spring 2010

Please email Brad Karp to request to be presenter for a paper, and to choose the date on which you'll present.

Below is the suggested list of papers for discussion in 2008-2009. Suggestions for additional papers to discuss are welcome!



Congestion Control


Operating System Performance