Systems and Networks Research Group
HEN network hardware

HEN: heterogeneous experimental network

HEN is a facility for network research at UCL. It aims to permit controlled and reproducible experimentation in a reconfigurable environment, and thereby to bridge the gap between simulation and real-world deployment. It represents a UCL strategic investment of £1M with matching donations from vendors, and it is available for use by all network researchers at UCL. HEN consists of
  • a switch with nearly 500 high-speed ports which can be configured to simulate complex network topologies
  • roughly 80 nodes of assorted capabilities, which can all be network-booted from a central server, allowing the experimenter to quickly change the operating system of each node
  • a collection of motes with wireless interfaces, and wired interfaces for instrumentation

Link: HEN website

Planetlab spanning the globe


UCL is a member of the Planetlab Consortium, allowing us to conduct experiments using Planetlab nodes located around the world.

Link: Planetlab
Image credit: Dinoj Surendran

Assorted networking resources

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Network Operations

Network Monitoring and Data Sources